Jenny Adams


I’m an artist with mental illness and I am practicing artist for the past two years . Art helps me to come to a calm place inside me, which helps rational thoughts to flow. No matter what state I’m in, if I can get myself in front of the canvas, things start to look brighter.


I’ve lived in Canberra for 25 years and worked most of that time in a range of different jobs. I am a single mother of a child with disabilities, and we both love doing our art. A lot of my relationship to Canberra in the last 15 years has been through the disability sector. I find it a wonderfully diverse and beautiful way to experience the city around me. Whether its going to the swimming pool, walking through the bushland, or watching a movie with friends, it experience that enriches my life in a way that nothing material can.


I have my own art practice as a painter but I’m learning print making techniques and other methods of making art through Studio Connect. I joined ArtSpace in 2014, and I love the friendships and the interesting projects we worked on. I’m looking forward to Studio Connect to continue those relationships. Its great to collaborate with others artists , as well as following our own creative paths.