Jenelle Outhwaite

My life started with my birth at The Entrance, NSW on 24/5/1959.

In 1968, I come to Canberra because my father gets a posting in the R.A.A.F. I remember the train ride, the drought, arriving in the January 1968.


I start my Art Experience when my young son, Jordan is in 2nd Grade in Florey Primary School in 2004. I assist his teacher with the students in his class during Art.


By 2008 through the Belconnen Community Service ,I join Open Art program at the Belconnen Community Centre in term for Term Four. 2009- 2013 I do Open Art with Tim, my tutor.


I did sculpturing in 2013,gave it away because too many of my art pieces went missing, never came back from the kelne.


I commence Mosaics in 2013 & 2014. I hope I get to the class in 2015, if my schedule allows it.


I started in ARTSPACE in 2013 & 2014. My highlight was the exhibition in 2014 of my BUTTERFLY, using stamping for the right wing, & stringing for the left wing, under Nicola Lambert, my tutor.


Today 10/02/2015 I’m in a new project “STUDIO CONNECT” under the direction of Nicola Lambert. I’m lucky to be part of this project.


The best thing about my Art Journey, the friends I’ve made, my connections are growing because STUDIO CONNECT has some Artists from Artspace.


I feel at home in Art.

I’ve found my true place.

The way I think, 3D images in my brain, understanding my brain because of mental health & hearing issues. I feel lucky to be able to express myself in a creative way.


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